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Since its establishment, Caresse has been working effectively to create quality products for the customers. Due to their exceptional reach, influence and consistent quality of products, the brand has gained popularity and loyalty of the customers in just a few years. Their reliability and fortitude to launch premium products in the market is why it is one of the leading cosmetic brands in Pakistan.

Our brand ensures safety, efficacy and quality by providing finest products in the market.  

The most important part of being the leading brand in the cosmetic world is to fulfill the demands of your customers. This is why Caresse has a wide range of products, successfully meeting the consumer demand and taste.   

Looking for a moisturizing lotion? We have it. Want something different than a soap? We offer fresh scented hand washes as well. In fact, the dark aromatic resin is extracted from the trees to bring a fresh scent in our Al-Oud range of handwash.  

There isn’t anything that our brand does not cover. From lotions to prickly heat powders enriched with a body odor neutralizer and Allantoin (Antiperspirant) to hand wash, nail-polish remover, and many more, all of our products are safe for each skin type, making it easier for the customers to choose and trust our products without compromising their fresh skin.

Our wide range is a living example of how a brand can always stay at the top of its innovation game and provide value to its customers simultaneously.



Among our countless products, Sheen manages to create an impressive impact on customers by providing the best hair care solution of all time. Everyone deserves to have beautiful, nourished hair and that is why Sheen has come up with the perfect fix for universal troubles like dandruff and hair fall.

The thing that makes our haircare range stand out the most is the goodness of natural oils that are used to create these products.

By extracting oil from black seed, almond, honey, argan, and coconut, we make sure our products aren't created by any of the chemicals and are free/clean from other harmful substances. Adding natural ingredients to our products ensures healthy, and vibrant hair at the end of each use.

And so, if you are tired of seeing dandruff on your clothes, are experiencing immense hair fall, having a bad hair day, or just decided to grow your hair thick and long, Sheen has an answer to all. In fact, our line of shampoos is the best pick for all of the mentioned problems.

With four different types of shampoos currently launched, our hair care brand continues to ensure satisfying results to the customers.



An itch here and an itch there. Do you find yourself spending more time scratching through your hair rather than flaunting it? No worries at all. Formulated with natural oils of Rosemary, Neem Seed, and Tea Tree, our Lice Guard lotion is a perfect solution for that continuous itching and uneasiness.

Once again, the uses of chemicals in these products are zero to nothing, providing a safe and healthy solution to effectively kill nits and lice without damaging your scalp.

If you are someone who does not have much time on their hands and want an instant solution, a shampoo is also available with the same kind of effectiveness and ingredients to wash all of that discomfort away.

Both products are available in 45 and 90ml bottles.



We live in a world full of whitening products. Not all are skin-friendly and often times end up burning or damaging the skin in the ugliest ways. That is why, with great effort, research and efficacy, our team has been successful in formulating an effective whitening range with a number of products that do not only provide guaranteed results but also ensures safety at its best.

Unlike any other whitening products, our White Miracle range is pure and free from Mercury, Hydroquinone, BHA/BHT, Artificial Color, and Steroids, all things that have the potential to damage your skin and cause other health problems.

Just a few uses and it will help reduce hyperpigmentation, acne marks, suntans, discoloration, birthmarks, uneven skin tone, dark spots, dark elbows, dark underarms, and freckles.

The change will be visible in just a few weeks after using any one of our products – Cream, Facewash, and Mask.

Our whitening cream and facewash are exclusively formulated by REGENOVYT formula that helps the skin become brighter and clearer. The whitening mask holds Vitamin C and plant extracts, both known for safe and effective properties to help brighten up the skin tone as well as adding an extra glow.

Just like all other products, White Miracle can also be used on all skin types.



Every girl deserves smooth skin but rarely any of them have it. Excessive and unwanted hair are always a hindrance in achieving a smoother look. Well, as promised, Caresse being the leading brand of the cosmetic industry have yet another effective range to unpack for all the ladies.

All clear, another product range under Caresse brings you top of the line hair removal products for all skin types. Whether you have a light layer or a thick one, these products have the potential to get rid of any excessive hair without damaging or creating any kind of irritation.

We believe in natural ingredients rather than chemical-filled ones that bring zero to no result and leaves your skin scathed for life. That is why each and every product of All clear has natural and essential oils that help in the removal of hair whether thick or thin without compromising the skin tone.

All Clear Anti-Bacterial Hair Removal cream contains Tea Tree oil and Neem extracts while the Gold Hair Removal cream contains actual gold particles for smoother skin. The natural ingredients help bring out effective results in lesser time than usual while keeping the skin intact and undamaged.  

While all of our products contain natural ingredients, none of them smell foul and give off fresh scents instead.